"In my career as a school psychologist in Jefferson County, I have lived through some very tough situations. The Second Wind Fund is a silver lining born from a very dark situation. Over the years since its' inception, The Second Wind Fund has helped me save the lives of over 50 youth at risk for suicide whose families could not afford adequate counselling services. I can't think of a better example of a community coming together to solve a problem that had no easy solution. The Second Wind fund truly lives up to its' name and provides a second wind for the sails of those who most need it." 

-School Psychologist, Jefferson County School District

"I have worked with Second Wind for over five years and they have always been easy to work with. However, they go above and beyond in finding therapists whose specialties are in line with the needs of students. Our biggest fear is that students who are resistant to counseling will not have a productive experience. This has luckily never been the case because Second Wind is very thorough in finding several therapists who match. This year, I was very concerned about a resistant student. The needs of the student along with family dynamics were huge obstacles. Without going into identifying detail, I must say that I am blown away by the therapist who was willing to travel, and meet with the entire family. The changes are beginning and I am no longer worried about this student. This student in particular raised my level of concern to the highest degree...but no more! I can't thank Second Wind enough!"

-Middle School Counselor, Adams 12 School District

"At a time when our school faced incredible grief and loss, Second Wind walked along with us to provide quality mental health services to our students and families. The professionalism and caring of mental health professionals and Second Wind staff brought great comfort and hope."

-Elementary School Principal, East Grand School District No. 2