Third Party Fundraisers

What is a Third Party Fundraiser?

A third party fundraiser is a community-organized event in which individuals, businesses, groups, or schools raise funds on behalf of a cause or charity.  These are not hosted, organized, or paid for by the benefitting charities, but the proceeds generated form these third party fundraisers support the mission of such selected charity or cause.  At Second Wind Fund, we are fortunate to have strong community support, and would like to share the events in communities throughout Colorado that have selected us to receive the proceeds.

Raise Funds for Second Wind

If you would like to raise funds on behalf of Second Wind Fund, please contact us to submit ideas for review.  Use of Second Wind Fund's name, logo, or program discription in promotional pieces must be approved by staff before print and/or distribution.  Please call 720-962-0706 ext 13 or